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Slurry Microtunneling

Direct Pipe

Sunken Concrete Caissons

Vadnais Trenchless Services Inc.
   will service the trenchless
   opportunities across
   the entire U.S.A.


Welcome to the newest member of the Primoris Services Corporation family, Vadnais Trenchless Services (VTS).Vadnais is a general engineering company that has been in business for over 50 years and has been involved in all facets of underground construction from pipe laying and specialized trenching to today’s passion of microtunneling. Paul Vadnais, the President of VTS, oversees the company’s operations in Southern California and other states.  The Northern California operations are managed by Dan Schitea, Vice President.  Offices are located in San Diego and Sacramento and they maintain licenses in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Alaska, Utah and Washington.

The company’s specialty is deep concrete caisson shaft construction, microtunneling, water lines, sewer lines, storm drains and steel pipe liners.  VTS services include design build, reconstruction, with years of experience in scheduling, cost estimating, public access, all with safety as top priority with each and every project. 

VTS has a unique and proven method for the construction of deep concrete caisson shafts that requires no dewatering other than the shaft volume at the end of the construction process.  They have completed over 19 of these structures with an inside diameter of 14 to 38 feet and depths up
to 115 feet.

VTS has been microtunneling for over 20 years with projects ranging in size from 12 to 110 inches in diameter and drive lengths up to 1,650 feet.  They have installed over 160,000 lineal feet of pipe using the microtunneling method.  The projects have been completed in difficult conditions including peat, very loose sands and silts, high groundwater pressures, and solid 30,000 psi rock.  Project locations have been in extremely sensitive environmental areas and in contaminated soils and water where conventional open trenching would have been impossible. The technology VTS deploys also allows installations of crossings of rivers (15 crossings to date), river and lake intakes, and runway and taxi way crossings.

VTS specializes in the rehabilitation of large diameter steel water pipelines by installing a steel liner in an existing pipeline, which reinforces the existing pipe.  This method is much more cost effective and much less time consuming than the traditional remove and replace open-cut method.  VTS is experienced in the planning and development stages, as well as the installation of these large diameter liners.  They have developed specialized equipment to install these liners in the most efficient manner possible and in many different conditions.

FEATURED PROJECT - Tunneling - Santa Monica Low Flow Project.

The tunnel is 63” O.D. Steel Casing 800 LF in length. The tunnel when finished will contain a 48” Hobas pipe for sewer.



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